Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wanting to hear the sound of a Cricut in the fall...

I have been wanting a Cricut since I got into crafting. I've talked to enough talented people who have them and I'm sold on the idea of the Cricut Expression. This model is a bigger version of the other machines, cutting up to 23.5". What will I need to cut that big? I have NO idea.

But the thing is - if you THINK you don't need it and you don't plan for it, you WILL need it. Murphy's Law. Not mine.

So Danica and I decided to have a CEM - a Cricut Earning Mission. This was a pact we made over lunch at Frog Bear Wild Boar (no, we weren't drinking, they serve food, I swear!) in July. We gave ourselves a deadline and a "goal", and we had to "earn" our Cricuts. By cleaning, selling things, etc. I got a lot of things out of the house, started my Etsy shop (which is still waiting on its first sale, although I've gotten requests from friends to make things for Christmas gifts. ALL of that money has gone into an envelope, all of it is accounted for, and it's all there.

I am now waiting for Black Friday to get my Cricut (and some cartridges). Chaya is eagerly awaiting the Cricut's arrival, too. It will actually live on her desk once it's purchased and placed in the craft room.

So keep your eye out for some Cricut crafting! Now if I can just find the time... :)

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  1. Got my cricut expression last year for Christmas and I LOVE it!!!! Make sure you hit up Michael's for their awesome deal on cartridges...they will have a larger variety than Wal-Mart.