Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Welcome Julie Followers!

Thanks for all the views, follows and comments. I am blushing!

I saw the comment about allowing anyone to leave a comment, and that is fixed.

I hope you all like what I have! Keep your eyes opened for more stuff to come!


  1. Hey, Crystal/Chaya! I came from Julie's site, and I'm so glad I did. I love your red and black tote. It would be perfect for my books and journals that I like to cart around with me. Writer that I am, I never leave home without them, and prefer to do that in style! So I'm crossing my fingers I win!

    Thanks a bunch. Your stuff is great.

  2. Hi Crystal!! I love the keyfob-- so cute, and perfect for my office keys!!

    but of course everything is cute! :)

    (Rhiannon's cousin!)

  3. Very nice stuff! I like the little zip bag on Julie's site. All very cute!

  4. Hey baby! I wanna become a follower but stupid work is blocking me from doing so. Must send your blog home to follow.

    Good luck! You know I love your stuff. I already have you working hard on making me stuff! SMOOCHIES

  5. Hi I came from Julie's and I like the Nicole Tote - Pink and Brown Floral Stripe

  6. Hello, I liked the Pumpkin and Sage tote the best, I'm big into fall shades these days. I will be checking back in December to see what you have for the holidays. I think your items would be lovely gifts. Jeanne

  7. Crystal, I just got my zippered bag, and I love it! I've blogged about it and linked to your site here:

    Thanks again.